Elected Representatives


Hawkinge councillors

Hawkinge Town Council has 13 elected councillors who represent three wards. Six councillors represent the Churchill ward, four councillors represent Fernfield ward and three councillors represent Uphill ward.

Town councillors are unpaid and represent a population of around 10,000. The next election is May 2019.



Contact an elected representative

You can find contact details for town councillors as well as their ward and political party.  Folkestone and Hythe District Council has contact details for your district councillor and Kent County Council’s website has contact details for your county councillor.

You can send an email to any MP and find out about attendance and voting patterns and who represents you locally by visiting the website Theyworkforyou.com.



Political make-up

Hawkinge Town Council is currently made up of:

  • Conservatives- 11
  • UK Independence Party- 1
  • Independent-1




The three wards of Hawkinge Town Council are:

  • Churchill
  • Fernfield
  • Uphill


Role of a town councillor

A town councillor is elected by the voters who live in the ward in which they have chosen to stand.
Town councillors have three main areas of work, which include:

  • Decision- making- attending meetings and deciding what activities to support and how money should be spent.

  • Monitoring- keeping an eye on what is going on to make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services, and

  • Getting involved locally

There is a legal requirement to attend a minimum number of meetings and to abide by a Member’s code of conduct.

The National Association of local councils publishes The Good Councillors Guide and a booklet for people who want to know more about the role of a councillor.



Elections to be a councillor on Hawkinge Town Council take place every four years. The next election is May 2019. Elections for district councillors will also happen in May 2019. County Council elections will take place in 2017.


Statements of Persons Nominated for Elections on the 2 May 2019

Hawkinge Churchill Ward

Hawkinge Uphill Ward 

Hawkinge Fernfield Ward