Hawkinge Town Mayor

The First Mayor

The first Mayor of Hawkinge Town Council was

Councillor David Callahan.




Councillor Callahan was Chairman of Hawkinge Parish Council, and then became Town Mayor when Hawkinge changed to a town as from the 10th November 2011.Councillor Callahan was the elected as Mayor for a further term for the municipal year 2012/13, having been elected on 9 May 2012.


Past Mayors & Current Mayor

Following Councillor Callahan the Town Mayors have been:

2013/14          Councillor Tony Hutt                                   Elected:    8 May 2013

2014/15          Councillor Tony Hutt                                   Elected: 14 May 2014

2015/16          Councillor Grahame Ward                         Elected: 18 May 2015

                        Councillor Ward stood down in March 2016

                        Councillor John Heasman                         Elected:    9 March 2016

                        to serve to end of Municipal year

2016/17          Councillor John Heasman                         Elected:   11 May 2016



The current Mayor

Councillor John Heasman was elected as the Hawkinge Town Mayor in May 2016. He will hold this position until May 2018. The Mayoress is Mrs Pat Heasman.   The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress for Hawkinge for 2017/18 are Mr Glyn Hibbert and Mrs Sandra Hibbert.

Inviting the Mayor to your event

To invite the Mayor to visit or to open an event such as a fete, AGM, concert, or building, please contact us at enquiries@hawkinge-tc.gov.uk

About the Mayor

The Mayor is the first citizen of Hawkinge. Town councillors elect the Town Mayor annually. The Mayor-making ceremony takes place in early May at the annual council meeting. The Mayor is elected to office for one year.

The Town Mayor chairs the council’s meetings and represents the town at civic and ceremonial functions. During the mayoral year, the mayor will attend many different functions.

The mayor acts as an ambassador for Hawkinge, promoting and upholding the character of the town and supporting community groups and projects.

Every year the Town Mayor chooses a charity for which he/she wishes to raise funds during the mayoral year.

History of the Mayoral role

The office of Mayor was brought to this country by the Normans in the 11th century and the word ‘Mayor’ derives from the Latin word ‘maior’ meaning greater.

The Mayor has always been acknowledged as the ‘First Citizen’


The current Mayor of Hawkinge is Councillor John Heasman