Town Council Officers

Tina Wiles

Town Clerk, Responsible Financial Officer for the Town Council and head of staff.

 Portrait Tina Wiles

Contact Tina about any matter concerning Hawkinge Town Council.


Sam Wills  

Finance and Project officer, responsible for finance and local projects.


 Portrait Sam Wills

Contact Sam about: any matter concerning Hawkinge Town Council, financial and project matters.



The Town Council officers can be contacted by email at or on 01303 893928.

The Town Clerk, supported by a team of officers, is responsible for implementing council policies. The team is responsible for providing the Town Council’s services along with the day to day running of the council. The team consists of two full time officers who are managed by the Town Clerk, Mrs Valentina Wiles.

The Town Clerk has a statutory duty to carry out all the Town Councils functions, ensuring the Town Council fulfils its legal obligations and that the instructions of the Town Council, in connection with its functions as a Local Authority are carried out. The Town Clerk advises the Town Council on, and assists in the formation of, overall policies and procedures to be followed in respect of the Authority’s activities and compiles information and reports to allow Town Council to make effective decisions prior to the implementation of them.